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At E.M. Simon CPA Professional corporation, we focus on ensuring that your bookkeeping and internal accounting becomes compliant with the current Canadian Accepted Standards and CRA requirements relevant for the engagement.  We emphasize creating financial statements that are meaningful to you and any other users who reading.

Tax Preparation

At E.M. Simon CPA Professional Corporation our goal is to prepare personal, corporate and trust returns that comply with CRA requirements. While doing this we always keep a watchful eye out for tax saving opportunities, both current and long-term. We try hard to understand your personal and business goals, so that we can keep your tax bill as low as possible, now and down the road.

Assurance Services

At E.M. Simon CPA Professional Corporation, we have decades of experience providing assurance services, especially in the Not-for-profit sector. We ensure that financial statements that accompany our assurance reports meet all the relevant disclosure requirements, and that we have performed all the required procedures and documentation to allow us to attach the relevant assurance report to those financial statements. We also engage directly with your staff and management team, and provide suggestions for improvements to controls and documentation whenever we see an opportunity.

Estate Planning

Most individuals who have accumulated some wealth, would prefer to see as much of that wealth as possible go to loved ones and worthwhile causes, and not to CRA. This is where we come in. We can help you understand your options and plan properly so that more of your accumulated wealth is passed on to the individuals and organizations you want to benefit.

Succession Planning

It’s common for many individuals to work very hard all their lives as business owners, without having a clear picture of what their financial life will look like when the decide to slow down and/or retire. Whether you own a business and want to sell it, or transition it to the next generation, we can help you get a clearer understanding of your financial options and provide advice as to how to keep more of what you’ve earned.

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